Hokkaido University Co-op Cafeteria serves sushi lunch for 600 yen at an irregular interval (approx. once a year). Because they had limited number of dishes, we rushed to the school of engineering at 11:30 am, when they had started serving, and we were all able to grab the sushi before they were sold out. Yummy!!

TK (> RK さん)


I have completed my master’s degree!!
I have attended a commencement wearing “Hakama” (traditional Japanese clothing), had a great time with my classmates. I cannot believe that I have actually completed my two year’s program since I thought about quitting so so so many times. Now I have a renewed appreciation for everyone who has supported me and cheered me up whenever I have encountered difficulties in the past 2 years.
I want to rise above by making use of those tough and rough experiences.
My new fiscal year’s resolution is to keep smiling and to live in a state of constant gratitude for people around me.
I hope that everyone will keep smiling as well.

Once again, thank you very much!!
NY (> ??)

Happy New Year 2019.
I wish you get all happiness, success, and joy in your life.
I joined Nishiura sensei’s laboratory from April in 2017 after I attended summer boot camp in 2016. This was my first time to live abroad and I can’t imagine what will happen in my life. Fortunately, I had very good experiences for last 2 years in terms of life and research. I could have many opportunities of collaboration with lab members to study various interesting research topics. Our lab members have different strong background and it is valuable time to work with them. Sometimes, we organize laboratory events such as playing kickball, making a pottery, going to the zoo and so on. During the event activity, we can get to know each other and increase friendship. Every events were memorable to me. Last year, we successfully achieved good performance to publish many papers. I think everyone’s efforts and positive motivation could make it. In this year, we will continuously improve our performance together by helping each other and discussing research projects actively.
HL (> YE さん)


My life has been very eventful for this year. After starting my 2018 in Africa, it will be end as a climax with the birth of my son.
How was your 2018? Because time flies quickly, I’ve wondered how I have adapted to new circumstances. Mr. Shakespeare left us a great phrase, “All’s well that ends well”. I enjoy the end of the year with his maxim which makes me smile and relaxed. I hope we will share an exiting time for various researches in 2019. Happy New Year.
TK (> HL さん)

On the last day of November the lab members tried pottery again, and everyone came up with beautiful pieces, ranging from small sake cups to a large fruit bowl. The fall leaves season was breathtakingly beautiful, but now snow has blanketed Sapporo and the region has once more become a “winter wonderland.” It will be fun to visit new places and play in the snow this winter season. However, it is also nice to stay toasty warm while doing research at the lab rooms on campus, and enjoy delicious tea and coffee while exercising our brains.
NL (> TK さん)


Our members attended The 77th Annual Meetings of Japanese Society of Public Health, Koriyama, Fukushima, October 24-26, 2018. We demonstrated our Master of Public Health program on our stand.
NK (> NL さん)




What is the autumn for you? Books, foods, or studying?
For me, autumn is the best season to sophisticate myself by diving into cultures and human arts.

Sapporo International Short Film Festival, where both Japanese and international short movies are on air, is running in October. We have watched two short films directed by a famous Japanese comedian. These films are comedy, based on their Manzai, with famous actors/actresses and musicians. We kept laughing anytime in the movies for 30mins each film, so we could feel we were in the world of culture in a short time.

Sapporo is getting colder and colder. I am already missing this time to be active outside.
Have a good autumn! A long, chilled winter will be invading soon 🙁
KY (> NKさん)


The picture is taken at the top of Mount Asahi (Asahi-dake) which is located in the Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido.
I enjoyed the nice weather with many other climbers.
Accomplishment, great view, great people,,, climbing is one of the most exciting activity for me.
It also reminds me of a lack of exercise and I have started to run regularly, but I wonder how long this will last…

AA (> KY さん)

先週、4年一度のFIFAワールドカップが開催されました。 研究室の皆さんが日本とコロンビアの試合を見ながら、寿司、ピザとワインを堪能しました。そして、アジアのサッカーチームが初めてラテンアメリカのチームに勝ったところを目の当たりにしました。 次の試合を楽しみにしつつ、日々の研究に励もうと思っております。
The FIFA World Cup held once every four years was opened last week. Lab members enjoyed sushi, pizza and wine while watching the match between Japan and Colombia. We also witnessed the Asian soccer team defeating the Latin American team for the first time. And we look forward to next exciting matches.

YY (> AA さん)

Mongolian mutton BBQ, one of annual events in the lab, was held. I was surprised that the Genghis Khan party kit is supplied by the university co-op for students and faculty. We enjoyed some meats, vegetables, roasted marshmallows, and above all, pleasant talks with lab members. Thanks for a good time!

RS (> YY さん)

今年度1回目のlab eventは、皆様おなじみの藻岩山登山でした。新メンバーも加わった中、天候にも恵まれ、気持ちの良い時間を過ごせました。Andrei隊長は翌日のイベントへのトレーニングも兼ねていたそうで、登山は精神力を鍛えるためにもあるんだよと語っていました。頂上からの眺めも素晴らしかったです。

1st lab event for climbing Mt. Moiwa has held. With new lab members, we enjoyed hiking. The weather was nice and we could enjoy the great scenery from the top of the mountain. A commander mentioned that the purpose of climbing mountains was not just physical exercise but for fostering mental toughness.

KS (> RS さん)

As Ryota left temporarily to Netherlands, we had eaten soup curry together and took commemorative pictures in front of Fuji women’s university.
We sincerely wish Ryota will have a great time and stay healthy in Netherlands.
We will miss you a lot, Ryota!

SJ (> KS さん)

We went to the Sapporo Snow Festival in Odori Park on 7th Feb 2018.
That was one of the biggest festival in Sapporo.
It was fun to enjoy the art of snow and ice with the lab members, even though it was very cold.

LC (> SJ さん)



Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for this year.

This is T came here from last June and 10 years have passed when I left Sapporo before. I had various experiences in the last year; Jogging in wearing a scrub, carrying numerous Gyozas by hand cart and observe their process of getting cold, and the definition of fried noodle I had had before was upset from the ground revolutionarily… There are a lot of things indescribable in this short post. I am afraid that you could not understand what we are doing by reading through the few lines above, you are right, but I would like to declare for the honor of the department that we are also very keen to devote our full energy to our research. We have achieved good performance and many papers have been accepted so far in this fiscal year, then I think my vintage sleeping bag will have to be kept in my room in this year too.

ST (> LC さん)


My three-month internship has been finished. Time flies! There were a lot of events during this internship; a real-time study on the plague in Madagascar, several international conferences, Kick baseball, etc. I really appreciate lab-members’ warm welcome, and it was exciting to have an experience of working/discussing with excellent researchers. I will continue to do my best!
This is a pic of “He that falls today may rise tomorrow”.

FM (> ST さん)

I came to work at the Nishiura lab starting in November 2017 for a 1.5 month-long internship. My background is in biology, specifically virology (my nickname is “Cyrus the Virus,” but sadly these two words don’t rhyme in Japanese…), so I was excited to learn new mathematical and computational techniques that I had never encountered before! My favorite memories from my time here include getting lunch with my lab-mates every day, attending a ballroom dance class once a week, exploring cities in Hokkaido (like Otaru and Wakkanai), and enjoying the beautiful fall colors and snow scenery that come and go with the seasons (which I had never witnessed to this extent before). Hopefully I can come back one day!


CG (> FM さん)


From 28th November to 1st December, 9 members from Nishiura-lab attended Epidemics, the international Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics, in Sitges in Spain. The city is located near Barcelona and it took more than 20 hours to get there from Sapporo!
The latest researches were really fascinating, and, at the same time, I was shocked at the huge gap between them and mine. However, the interesting researches motivated me a lot and I enjoyed my stay in Sitges although the journey was very very tiring…
The photo was taken at the beach in Sitges.

YA (> CG さん)

We welcomed our new lab member, Cyrus, by organizing a friendly kickball game to get to know each other and, enjoy with him. Also, we celebrated Prof. Nishiura’s birthday by organizing a Gyoza party at our lab. We wish him “Many happy returns of the day”. Thanks for everyone for organizing wonderful welcome event for Cyrus and, surprise birthday party for Prof. Nishiura.

LM (> YA さん)


We went to Sapporo Kita High school as a part of the Academic Fantasista program. Prof. Nishiura has given a lecture on Infectious Disease Modelling. High school students were very passionate about everything and that reminded us of where we have started. Thank you for students who have attended the lecture 🙂

TY(> LM さん)

みなさまご無沙汰しております.西浦研年長組・2つ名は「元しがない公務員」のHです.並のスペックが自慢です.ディスってるわけではありません. 今札幌は短い秋真っ盛り.朝晩の寒暖差が大きく北大構内はあっという間に見事な紅葉に様変わりし、毎日たくさんの観光客で賑わっています.今日は、最近見つけた小さい秋ならぬ珍獣を紹介しようと思います.まずある日の深夜10時頃.Rをいじっていて出現したカオなしっぽい珍獣のジョイント. 地味に気持ち悪い.そのままPCをそっ閉じしてそそくさと研究室を後にしたものです.次にマイブームのアスキーアート(AA)です.始めたばっかりの時期でスクリプトが うっかり数千行を超えちゃったりするのですが、Y師匠にいつもいいかげんファイル分ければいいのにって呆れられていた黎明期です.そんな時は道に迷わないようお気に入りのAAを目印に配置します.ウサギちゃんとかカピバラさんとかです.ボスからはプログラマぶっちゃってると思われています.UKに旅行に行ったらユニオンジャックかぶれになっちゃったようなものです.最後にシロクマです.新しいラボメンを迎えたので歓迎会で丸山動物園へ行ってきたのですけどね.やっぱりシロクマですよ.北極グマですけど.シロクマです.

YH(> TY さん)

In the past September, our lab saw minor flowage of members,
Kinoshita san started a three-month visit to Princeton U., Endo
san started his doctoral career in LSHTM, Xiaodan Sun and Xia
Wang are going back to China after ending temporary visit, Kobayashi san are leaving for U.S. Best
wishes to you guys, 頑張れ! And we also very welcome Panther’s coming.

BY(> YH さん)


For our first extra curricular activity of this fiscal year we had lots of fun with pottery making at Doki Doki Studio in Ebetsu.
Thanks to the help from the pottery instructors we were soon able to create our own personal pieces!
Following the pottery class we enjoyed a picnic at Moerenuma park.
It was a great day and a refreshing break from all the hard work we’re doing at the lab! A huge thank you to Hiroshi sensei for the opportunity to explore more of beautiful Sapporo.

YN(> BY さん)

The summer boot camp of infectious disease modeling 2017 was held during 10 days in Tokyo. We had a welcome party on 6th day. Through the international course, we met researchers and students with different backgrounds. Moreover, we can get motivation of research.

HL(> YN さん)



AE (>HLさん)



Traditional weekly hike to Mt. Moiwa was successful in all aspects of enjoying the nature, beautiful sunny weather and doing some physical exercises. Our team for this time was Yusuke, Andrei and Lankesh with his family. AA
ラボで毎週のごとく誘われる定例行事,札幌が誇るMt. Moiwaに今週も登りました!いい天気でちょうど雪が解けていて少しMuddyなところ,Andrei隊長とLankeshファミリー長男は華麗なランを見せてくれたそうです。(でも隊長いいんすか?写真,恋人の聖地っすよ?) AA隊長とその日本語代筆 (->YSさん)

木曜日には、修士課程で大変お世話になった東大Dept of Global Health Policyの渋谷健司教授とHGPIの小野崎耕平さんが北大に来てくださり、大変貴重なお話を聞く事ができました。金曜日には、Warwick大学からKat Rockと韓国からHee-Dae Kwon先生が研究室に来てくださりました。研究室メンバー以外の方々と話す機会は視野が広がり刺激的で楽しいです。 RK (->AAさん)
Last Thursday, Professor Kenji Shibuya from the department of Global Health Policy of the University of Tokyo and Kohei Onozaki from HGPI gave an inspiring talk at HokkaidoU about how health systems would be improved, with examples of health challenges to be faced in Japan, and our task to contribute to global health. On Friday morning, Kat Rock from the University of Warwick stopped by our office, and also in the afternoon Hee-Dae Kwon from Korea gave a talk about his modeling study on optimal control therapy of HIV. It is stimulating to have many chances to absorb from researchers outside the lab.

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新年度ですね。はじまってはや10日、、、はやいですね。そして学振頑張らねばあかんシーズン到来ですね…!本州にいるとこの時期がお花見に当たりますが、その点北大では桜のシーズンがちがっていていいかなと思います。桜が満開のころに原稿でき上がっているぜ!=お花見できるぜ!という式が成り立つよう頑張らんとする次第です。 RM (-> RKさん)